Why You Should Choose Us for Your Website and Internet Marketing Needs

Why CIS – Colorado Internet Solutions

At Colorado Internet Solutions, we believe in the adage about keeping things simple. Simplicity in web design creates a fast-loading website and that’s what Google and the new, mobile-crazed world we are experiencing is looking for. Simple doesn’t mean that the website won’t have all of the latest bells and whistles, only that it’s efficient in its operation with cutting-edge design approaches.

We know that our clients are not looking to spend money on marketing that doesn’t generate results, and they certainly don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract. That’s where our NO MARKETING CONTRACT approach comes in. As a customer of Colorado Internet Solutions, you won’t be signing any contract for never-ending marketing services, only a month-to-month agreement which can be canceled with 72 hours notice. We have to earn your business each and every month, which keeps our focus squarely on creating a high return on investment measured using a number of different transparent methods.

Here is a list of our top reasons why you should consider hiring Colorado Internet Solutions.


We make the internet and all of its opportunities available to the business owner in an affordable manner.

No Contracts

We have no marketing contracts, month-to-month is our mantra, and we have to earn your business each month.

We Know the Marketplace

We know the small business marketplace and how to move your website into profitable positions in the search engines.


We report to you monthly, no fancy convoluted statistics, only the relevant information, rankings, and call counts.


We provide one free hour of support and updates per month for marketing clients. Non-marketing clients get a low, hourly rate.

You are the Boss

We know who the boss is, you!