Building A Website With SEO Strategies In Mind

Blending Search Engine Optimization or SEO with a well-designed website is crucial to getting the visitor to the website and converting them into new clients. Many mistakes can be avoided through the proper planning of your website pages. Take your time, think things through, double and triple check your work. Your web design needs to be clean, clear and welcoming.

The page title tags should be keyword rich and reflect the content of the web page. Make sure all your photos and pictures have keyword rich alt image tags. While these tags are not featured directly on the web page they serve a greater purpose serving the visually impaired and also helping the search engines properly index the image since search engines can’t learn from the image file alone.

This may seem obvious, but good website copy, with keyword rich content that is well-written, is a most important feature of a well-structured website. There should be enough information to educate your visitor and compel them to contact you. There should also be sufficient content to allow search engines to properly categorize or index your pages and deliver your website to those looking for what you do.

Your website links are another key feature of your web page SEO. It’s amazing how many times links are setup incorrectly, taking visitors to the wrong items, web page, or at worse, away from your website. Check your links regularly as there is nothing more problematic on many different levels than a link that’s not working properly.
Remember to monitor and evaluate SEO success on a regular basis and continue to update all your SEO work. Google is constantly adjusting their algorithms. So what worked yesterday may not work as well today. Find some reputable SEO blogs to follow and make it a habit to read them regularly. Designing a website that is user friendly and informative will keep those visitors happy. Integrating these basic SEO functions will keep those search engine spiders happy and that will keep more visitors knocking on your door or ringing your phones.

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