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Do bounce rates affect a site’s search engine ranking? | Search Engine Watch

I’ve included an interesting article link below dealing with bounce rates, specifically whether or not a high bounce rate is a bad thing or a good thing.  I’ve discussed this with many clients over the years and there is no clear cut answer.

For those who don’t understand what a bounce rate is, it is simply a a Google Analytics measurement that measures how many people come to your website on your home (or any other page) and leave the website after only visiting one page, hitting that old back button.  A high bounce rate can indicate a number of different things some bad, some good and this article does a good job deconstructing that thought process.

Whether it affects negatively effects your ranking appears to be in doubt for a myriad of reasons that are outlined in this article but the SEO Roundtable folks came to a consensus answer of no.  I guess the important thing to take away from this debate is to understand and figure out if your website has a problem that a high bounce rate might indicate.

At Colorado Internet Solutions we help customers evaluate SEO technical related issues like bounce rate and other Google Analytics data.  Please call us today if we can help you make sense or your website performance or visit us at  Hat tip to Search Engine Watch.

Do bounce rates affect a site’s search engine ranking? | Search Engine Watch:

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