Mobile friendly is more important than ever

Google to boost the mobile-friendly ranking factor in May 2016

Another round of “mobile friendly” algorithm changes is coming this May.  This upcoming round 2 of changes follows last years “Mobilegeddon” that happened around the same time of the year driving website owners to insure that there websites were “mobile friendly”.  Many businesses reported little in the way of change to their results and it was hard to substantiate the impact that the first round of adherence to Google’s edict that websites needed to be fast loading, efficient and optimized for mobile phone users.  If your website wasn’t responsive and mobile friendly we were told that our ability to compete for top ranking the all important mobile searcher would be impacted.

I suspect that the impact of this second round will be more substantial as Google has a habit of giving users a warning period before they begin to actually impact the results of people that are in compliance.

At Colorado Internet Solutions we updated over 140 websites to meet the new requirements and are optimistic that our customers will benefit in improved performance on the Google results pages (SERPS).  We believe it’s a matter of when and not if as mobile device search continues to grow.

Take a look at the full article at the link below and if you have questions about your websites mobile health give us a call at 720-458-3046.

Google to boost the mobile-friendly ranking factor in May 2016:

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