Many small business owners know the routine, you receive a call from someone claiming to be Google stating that your business listing is not properly configured or claimed and is going to be deleted blah blah blah (insert your favorite scare tactic here).  All you have to do is give them your credit card and they will fix it for you which is utter nonsense, Google doesn’t charge folks for FREE listings.  Well these unscrupulous companies that employ those tactics are finally on notice as Google has filed suit against one of them and hopefully the ripple effect will permeate through to the other companies using this deceitful business practice.  You can read the article about the lawsuit and it’s circumstances here.

Google Files Suit Against SEO Firm Accused Of Robocalling, Launches Complaint Center For Users:

While it is true that in some instances (very few) a representative from Google may call to verify a business they will never threaten your listing viability and ask for money to fix a problem.

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