Google Search Algorithm

Google Previews It’s Next Generation Search Algorithm

At Google I/O this week Google unveiled MUM which stands for Multitask Unified Model and it’s 1000 times more powerful than BERT.  MUM and BERT are algorithms that define how Google delivers search results, how it handles the information of the world, over 75 languages, and all the data and information found anywhere.   MUM will be able to answer complex comparison questions using all different types of media and provide detailed answers.  Another step towards a process that will enable Google to handle more and more complex questions and provide a whole new level of answers for us, the end-user.  Imagine being able to ask Google “What’s the difference between a vacation in Barcelona Spain and Rome Italy and receive a relevant result highlighting the differences with different types of media such as video, imagery, and of the written natural language of the countries, all in a split second, It’s exciting to see what’s coming.  Here is a great breakdown of the MUM announcement from Search Engine Land.

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