Understanding visual content

Understanding our love of visual content | Search Engine Watch

This is a very interesting article about the

popularity of images, who doesn’t like a picture to look or laugh at when traversing the social media world as well as on a website.  That old adage “a picture” is worth a thousand words is never more true particularly when it’s entertaining or informational, there are no better ways to deliver important information than on a info-graphic image on a website.

Now when it comes to SEO, images are a bit of challenge and should not be overused, Google can’t read the lettering on a picture but it can get information from the alt image text associated with it within the code.  This is never better than having real text on the page for important messages.  For websites this is critical but for short social media posts on Facebook and Twitter images certainly rule the day.

It all comes down finding a healthy balance between creating a great user experience while giving Google the fuel it needs to rank your website effectively.  Take a look at this interesting read and if you have questions about any of this as it pertains to your image use reach out to us at Colorado Internet Solutions, www.coloradointernetsolutions.com

Understanding our love of visual content | Search Engine Watch:

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