Want to increase Facebook likes without doing the work? Inside a counterfeit Facebook farm

Thinking about purchasing Facebook likes and YouTube views from a marketing company?  Here’s an interesting article written about the operation of these “like farms”.  It talks about the impact that national brands and celebrities receive from high like counts and to me that makes sense but it doesn’t make purchasing them to misrepresent your brand popularity any more ethical.

As for local businesses I think that a business should promote their social media pages and gather all the re-tweets, likes and views as they can through a natural organic process.  If a small local business commits to this process in an ethical and consistent manner I think it definitely will pay off by staying top of mind with their local customer base because those are the people who will actually turn into customers both new and repeat.  I doubt any of the fake like people from the Philippines will be visiting my clients to purchase goods and services and that is what this is all about.

Inside a counterfeit Facebook farm:

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