Website Design for a Mobile-Friendly World

At Colorado Internet Solutions, we know your website should look professional, be uniquely yours. We work to make your website easy to navigate, mobile friendly, fast loading and filled with relevant content that immediately communicates the right message about your services or products to not only your visitors but also to the search engines. If Google can’t find you or doesn’t know what your business is about, then your business is most certainly missing out.

All of our websites are turnkey builds. You don’t have to have any knowledge of how websites work, but we’ll teach you if you want. We offer year-round support for our clients, either by an annual agreement or through hourly work. If you’re an advertiser with us, it’s included in the programs.

Our Website Design Process

  • A Conversation Is the First Step

    Call us at 720-458-3046 or use this form to contact us. After an initial phone consultation, we will work with you to develop a website design and online marketing strategy for your company.

  • Define the Project in Writing

    Colorado Internet Solutions will submit a formal written proposal that thoroughly describes the site we will build, and provides a project cost and schedule. We’ll outline each section of the website in precise detail. This is a time-consuming, but valuable and necessary exercise because it provides a roadmap for our developer and it should foster confidence in you that we understand your business. Once we’re both happy with the terms of the project, we’ll begin.

  • It’s Time to Design the Website

    A lot of web design companies add expensive graphic design presentations to the build process and we prefer to take a different, more economical approach to a website project.  What many boutique web design companies, with their $8,000 10-page websites, fail to recognize is that small businesses don’t have the marketing budgets of regional or more established companies. We design and build a live or real, living website for you to experience on your desktop or laptop, tablet and smartphone. We hide the website from the public so we have a living “sandbox” if you will, enabling you to experience the website and put it through its paces during development. You can’t do that with pieces of paper, and besides, the web is not a glossy magazine. It’s bound by the constraints of your customers’ internet experience.  We think you should see the real thing and save some money at the same time.

  • Content Is King

    If you’ve had any introduction to Google and what it takes to get a page-one ranking for your website, you’ve probably heard this expression. And it is so very true. Our team copywriter, will be working with you to develop the right words that represent your business online while crafting an optimized message that will signal Google to give your new website higher ranking consideration for those magical keywords that your customers enter into Google every day.

  • The Big Reveal

    After completing a first draft build out of your website and integrating the new content, we will have an online reveal meeting where we’ll provide you a link to the new website. Protected from the public’s prying eyes, you will have a live website to share with your staff and other trusted resources to evaluate everything in great detail, a test drive if you would.

  • Making the Necessary Adjustments

    We know people change their mind and some things that they just knew would look great end up not being exactly what they wanted. After you’ve had a few days to review the first draft of the website, we’ll convene another meeting where we can go through the things we got right and make adjustments to things we did not.

  • Clear for Launch

    When your site is designed and built, and you are satisfied with the finished product, we’ll test it thoroughly. We’ll perform any remaining site revisions then launch it to the world. We will work with you to promote your site among all the major search engines and websites related to your industry should you so desire. We can also teach you how to maintain your site, or we can maintain it for you and bill you on an annual or hourly basis for these services. We will never just build it and forget about it. At Colorado Internet Solutions, we know how important it is to make sure our customers love their website and we know that sometimes changes come in late. That’s why, for the first 30 days, we’ll make content and minor design changes to your website at no cost.