Is It Time for a Website Makeover or New Website?

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In the good old days, if you owned a business and wanted potential customers to learn about you, chances are you would buy a Yellowpage print ad, do some direct mail to your client zip codes and work on improving your store curb appeal to attract drive-by customers. That’s all changed in today’s internet driven world.

Today, people are researching all or most of their purchases using a desktop computer but more likely their smartphone. A consumer can make educated choices about your business through the internet and search engines. Reviews, products, services, pricing can all be garnered about your business without picking up the phone to call or getting in the car to walk through your business. You are being constantly shopped, and you are not even aware of when, making a proper website, SEO and online reputation critical factors for business.

With recent studies showing online customers taking an average of 30 seconds to decide whether you “have or do what they want”, as well as “where and when they want” and “what your customers say about their experience with you” just by visiting your website or searching for you on Google. They do all of this in just a few minutes on their phone or desktop computer, so you better be ready.

To put your best foot forward, meet visitors’ expectations, and have a chance to earn their business, you need to be constantly investing in your website not only for the visitors but for the search engines. Google absolutely loves (and ranks) websites with a fresh website, teeming with new, relevant content.

Google wants to deliver visitors by showing your business when they deem you an expert resource for a searcher’s query. If someone searches for a restaurant that delivers after hours and your website and Google My Business profile don’t reflect your operation after hours, you can pretty much guarantee a searcher not finding you. If you are an expert in repairing Ford vehicles and your website doesn’t contain information about new Ford vehicles (like the dealerships) you will often be down the page where no one will find you.

Embarking on a website makeover is something you want to do as your markets, competitors and Google ask of you. Every year, Google asks for new things from your website technically to help them serve their explosive growth via mobile search. It’s in your best interest to do your homework and keep up to date with new trends in your business but also with Google’s ever-shifting directions. You can hire a web professional to help you accomplish this feat.

Here are some issues to consider when you’re thinking that your website has seen better days and is slacking in terms of delivering new customers.

Is your website outdated?

Website Makeover

Microsoft’s First Website, 2000+ redesigns later it’s a totally different experience for the visitor.

If the last time you did anything to your website was at the same time Peyton Manning was throwing touchdowns for the Denver Broncos, it may be time for a website makeover. Much has changed in the last 2 years, and your site is more than likely not following Google’s new suggestions.

If it has been two years since you added new content it’s probably stale and Google is visiting your website at a lower frequency than in times where content was new. There used to be a 3- year rule as it relates to the time between website updates, but as the pace of changes and direction from Google continue to increase, we are approaching a number that is closer to 18 months. If your competitors are writing fresh content and keeping up with Google, you are losing ranking or are in jeopardy of doing so. You may think that no one is paying attention to your website and that it’s doing “just fine” you can rest assured that Google is noticing and at some point in the future, they will make that clear to you when you slide off page one of the search results.

Do you have outdated technology?

Outdated website technology particularly relates to items or functionalities on a website that have fallen out of favor. Google’s push of clients to its appropriately labeled Mobilegeddon originally reared in early in 2015 and then once again in 2016 as it got serious about responsive websites. Later in the year, we saw a push or nudge towards AMP pages which is a new type of website HTML specifically designed for blazing fast operation. Many national websites, particularly those dealing with the news, have already adopted this new language. The jury is still out on the impact to the small business customer, but it’s coming down the road. When Google tells a website developer or SEO company that you better adapt, we have to follow or watch rankings slide or disappear over the coming years.

Does your site have a CMS like WordPress, Joomla and the many other platforms?

When you examine your website with a critical eye or position yourself as a potential new client, you may find that a lot of it is outdated or lacking, depending on who put the website together. We require our new customers to take an active role in the development of the content of the website. When an attorney asks us to write content as it relates to their legal profession, we remind them that we are website designers, not attorneys. While our copywriting team does an incredible job of researching topics as it relates to our clients’ businesses, there is no better “voice” for your business like the actual spine surgeon, restaurateur, or Denver DUI attorney.

A Content Management System or CMS provides a business owner with the ability to ensure that the business is correctly reflected because the web isn’t the only thing changing constantly in this world, it impacts everyone. When you as an owner can log into an admin panel on your WordPress website and quickly change content on a page, update a specials page or write a blog post about your industry, it makes you relevant and an expert in your field. This is what Google is looking for when deciding a page one ranking or page four (which might as well be page 400 for all the good that will do), and it also helps you get in front of those customers who are in your market researching your products and services.

Are your younger employees, customers or family members chirping about your website in a bad way?

Your internet-savvy younger employees have been exposed to the world of the web pretty much out of the cradle, and if they are making suggestions or comments about your website being a dinosaur, it may be time for a makeover. We must get a new client every month that went looking for a website developer because of a family member, employee, or customer comment. Keep your ears open so you don’t find yourself playing catch up with a competitor in your neighborhood. There are great advances and improvements in website user experience that could get your phone ringing or printer printing new orders from your website. It’s happening all over.

If you find yourself wanting to take the next step, you can contact us here or call us at 720-458-3046, as we’d welcome an opportunity to review your website to see if you need a makeover or maybe just an update, whatever is best for your situation.