I’m glad to see that Yelp has continued to work on preserving the integrity of it’s product but I wish they would work on their algorithm and help real businesses get the credit for their customers real reviews.  On Yelp you never really are sure that a legitimate customer review won’t be buried on the back page of their Yelp listing.  They say that a review gets put on the back page because of their rating algorithm and while I want them to fight those who would game the system I’m not a fan of seeing a real customer review buried for all intensive purposes.  At Denver Pro Sites we help our clients understand the Google+ and Yelp review platforms and the many other places that customers review businesses. We teach our clients  that it’s important to monitor and respond to positive and negative reviews in certain ways to maintain a positive and healthy review profile for your business.

Yelp Outs More Businesses With Another Batch Of Paid Review Alerts:

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