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Colorado Internet Solutions has been providing our small and medium-size business clients with a variety of SEO or Search Engine Optimization services since 2009.

Some of our campaigns though target state wide, national and international SEO when necessary. Our Denver SEO experts, will come up with the right search engine campaign after our initial discovery phase.

SEO – You know you need it, but you aren’t sure how to start.

Search engine optimization, commonly called by its acronym SEO, is a plan for increasing your website’s rankings on Google. You might be thinking what about Bing or Yahoo and I am here to tell you that what works on Google is going to work on secondary search engines like Yahoo and Bing, it’s a package deal.  There are tools like Bing Places that we take advantage of that are separate from Google.

SEO involves identifying popular keywords and or keyword phrases that a business will then use to target an audience on the search engines. If we find out what your customers are typing into Google then our task and goal is to garner the highest ranking for your website amongst the results.

SEO is a complex process, every industry is a bit different with different technology, different competitors and different market forces, this is what makes it so much fun and necessary for businesses who want to dominate their market. Here are just a few elements involved:

  • Domain authority
  • URL structures
  • Finding inbound link opportunities
  • Fast-loading websites
  • Mobile Friendly Responsive Design

Keyword-Rich Content, SEO Copywriting

Crafting keyword-rich content that contains the keywords search engines are looking for is another key piece of SEO strategy. Many have heard of the express “Content Is King” and that could not be truer.


The first step that we take when we begin with a new client is to identify the things they are doing well, were they have had success from an SEO perspective and then more importantly to identify the opportunities they are missing out on. Why does your chief competitor out rank you for your most important keyword? Where is the difference and what can we do to overcome this.

Next, we develop a complete plan or strategy that will focus on your growing your access to those opportunities they are currently missing.

An important first step also includes a plan to deal with the issues that may exist on your webite, sometimes referred to as on-page and off page SEO strategies.
Some of these include:

  • Keyword and keyword-phrase analysis
  • Meta-tag optimization (Title tags, description tags)
  • Keyword-rich alt image tags
  • Keyword-rich page title tags
  • Page names/links or breadcrumbs
  • Internal links and outbound link-building

Some of these include: Once your website is functioning at optimal levels, we continue to monitor the data and analytics and we consistently report and advise you along the way. Additional research into the successful marketing of competitors’ websites and business models is conducted for relevant marketing, advertising and lead generation insights.

How does social media help SEO?

It’s a question that a lot of folks ask, how does my Facebook or Instagram page help my organic rankings on Google? The short answer is it does help but not necessarily directly, as many folks think.  Google guards their algorithm or “secret sauce” very closely. Why does a competitor’s website outrank you on the search engine result pages? To get some insight, you have to decipher answers from Gary Illyes, John Mu, and Danny Sullivan, all leaders in Google’s organic search effort. Now they don’t come out and say it directly; you rarely get a yes or no comment from them; they have all indicated in their way that there is a significant correlation that exists between high-quality websites that rank well and strong social media programs.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky because It’s not because you get a bunch of likes on Instagram or Facebook that causes your ranking to improve, it’s because favorable content on social media causes a companies followers to share links with their social networks connections which drives visits to your website and improves your strength on the search engine results pages because of it. You get links, and when they get clicked, and if they are from high-profile websites, it does make a difference on how your website performs.

It works similar to a well-crafted blog article on your website; if someone shares your article and it ends up going viral, the impact on your website profile is measurable.

Here’s a brief list of SEO services our Denver SEO campaigns include:

SEO-friendly Content

Starting with webpages and blogs, we help you publish keyword rich, relevant, search optimized content that search engines (and your users!) will love.

Keyword Strategy

We’ll work with you to identify and target the right mix of keywords based on industry, competitor research, and search data.

Technical SEO

Our experienced technical SEO experts will take care of all the back-end items so your website can be easily crawled and indexed.

Page Speed

Google loves fast loading website pages. We will optimize your site to load fast, including for mobile devices.

Colorado Internet Solutions SEO Promise

SEO is multi layered and complicated. We work to keep our approach to SEO as simple as possible:

  • We provide content that is relevant and provides value to real people first, your customers or clients and then Google—in that order.
  • Honesty, Trust and customer relevance will always be more successful than tricks and tactics designed to game a potential client into a visit.
  • We focus our attention on attracting the right people to your website, not empty clicks that mean little.
  • We consider the attitudes, behaviors, and understanding of the average consumer, and we temper our marketing efforts on the perception of our audience.