Website Maintenance Services


At Colorado Internet Solutions our annual WordPress website maintenance programs provide peace of mind for small business owners who need an affordable option when it comes to the maintenance of their website.  We provide layers of security to help you guard against hacks, we keep your website backed up, monitored, and with all of the backend programs up-to-date.

A lot of business owners with limited website experience don’t always understand that WordPress websites which is the platform that our company builds our websites on along with a 3rd of all website pages (big market share) need to be maintained.  A WordPress or website maintenance program works at keeping all of the smaller programs and elements that make up your website current, secure, and up to date.  Every week programs make adjustments to raise security, efficiency, and compatibility with all of the ways your website serves you.

Another element of our website maintenance is providing regular content updates to our customer websites, for example, a new service is being offered, an old one no longer, a new employee needs to be added or the changes made to hours of operation, Covid 19 policies, company messaging updates, logos and more.   Most business owners don’t have the time to do this themselves and our website maintenance programs provide an affordable option to our customers.

Our website maintenance plans are also custom-designed and priced and are aimed at helping you make better use of your website, improve SEO, and expand your digital footprint in support of meeting your business goals.  We understand that every customer has different needs and why should you buy a Cadillac website maintenance program when a more reasonable program will help you and treat your marketing budget fairly. Call us today to discuss your website maintenance needs, let’s see if we can’t help you.

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website maintenance services