Assessment of your current situation – How do you create a successful strategy if you are not aware of your website’s status and internet presence?  The short answer is that you cannot; we feel you must understand where you started to see this service’s benefit. We will assess your current rankings for all the major search engines and create a baseline or starting point to see what is working, what is not, and the best strategic plan to get more traffic to your website. If we are building a new website for your business, we’ll identify a plan or blueprint for your new site so that we put your website on the proper footing to begin your climb up the rankings.

SEO campaign design  – We’ll use our initial assessment insights to develop a campaign to drive more visitors to your website, and we’ll share all of the details with you.

Execution of the Gold campaign  – Based upon the SEO  situation of your website and search engine rankings, we provide regular targeted content creation services promoting the business on a custom blog within your website.  This is done once per month.   Our writers will be creating quality content written specifically for your business and the topic is chosen based on the ranking needs of the campaign.  Also, we may elect to focus our content creation efforts on the addition of new website content.  Your website content will be updated and optimized as needed to continue creating growth opportunities within Google’s organic ranking results related to the specific ranking of important keywords for your business.

Developer Hours  This service is for website updates, if you have new pictures, menu items, specials, and so forth, this service will provide for them and are included at no extra charge with your program, it’s important to mention that this service is not for the redesign of your website but instead for the maintenance and upkeep of the current website.

Social Media & Google My Business Management  We manage your business’s social media footprint by either creating and updating your existing Google My Business Page or account, along with a branded  Facebook and Twitter page for your business. If you already have a Facebook,  Google My Business, or Twitter page, great, we will utilize them but update and optimize them to maximize their contribution to the SEO effort.

Ongoing campaign management and improvement – We will track your SEO campaign results during this service, providing you with detailed reports showing you the improvement of your website performance due to the campaign’s running.

Here is a List of Just Some of the Items That Are Part of the Gold SEO Program
People ask so what you do to perform SEO services, what some of the mechanicals involved while this list changes constantly, and what is applied to individual sites varies.   Consider this list like a fully stocked gourmet kitchen; you are not going to use all the fresh ingredients for every meal.  This is by no means a complete list:

301 Redirect Monitoring, Page Speed Optimization, Google Core Web Vitals  Optimization, Permalinks & Website Structure, Image Titles & alt Tags,  Product Optimization, Meta Title, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords, XML Sitemap,  HTML Sitemap, Breadcrumbs, Cloudflare Integration, Crawl Error Repair, Rich  Snippet Creation,  Google Analytics  Reports, Google Search Console, Robots.txt, Adjusted & Optimized Heading  Tags, Schema, Semantic Keyword Analysis, Internal Linking Strategies, Social  Media Optimization, Blog Creation, Content Creation Strategies, Social Media  Page Creation/Optimization, Google My Business Creation/Optimization, Social  Media, and Google My Business posting.   Review response management

Pricing:  The Gold Program costs $600 per month with a month-to-month agreement. You can cancel at any time with 72 hours’ written notice (Email or Phone Call) before the monthly billing date, which will be provided to you and the beginning of your campaign.  We have to hire writers and social media managers to maintain our work and there is some lead time involved when canceling.